Coming from:

Planning your route


  1. Type your starting point in the box at bottom left and press the "Get Directions" button. Your route will be drawn on the map and detailed instructions given below it.
  2. Start your route from the closest point that you can easily find. Otherwise, you will have more detail than you want.
  3. Be as precise as possible. ("A1 Parma exit" is better than "Parma")
  4. Use the map. Zoom in with the "+" control.
  5. For a street-level view, drag the little orange man (at top left of the map) to any point on the map where the route seems confusing. Manipulate the view with the controls at the top left of the picture. Click on the "x" (top right) to restore the map.
  6. Most importantly, road signs to a known place on your route may be easier to follow than detailed instructions to turn onto a street whose name cannot be seen.

Enjoy the journey. We'll see you in Campora.