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  • Piscina di Campora/Community Swimming Pool

La Corte

La Corte Bonomini, a local landmark, has been in the family for many generations from the time of its construction in the late 18th century. As well as a residence for the family, it was in part a home to tenant farmers following the persistent feudal tradition that characterised much of rural Italy well into the 20th century. In order to accomodate several independent guest rooms and living spaces, the oldest part of the complex has been fully renovated, while still maintaining the former atmosphere and historical presence of the place.

Campora lies at the edge of the Parco Nazionale Apennino Tosco-Emiliano, on the slopes of Monte Fuso, famous for its chestnuts trees (the marroni di Campora), and at a very short distance from the ski resort of Monte Caio and other peaks of the Appennino Parmense-Reggiano range. Campora also lies within the “Terre Matildiche,” the historic lands of Countess Matilda di Canossa. A vestige of her ambitious and important rule can be seen even from La Corte, the Pieve Romanica di Sasso, reconstructed by the Countess in 1082.


In summer, one can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities in and around Campora. Monte Fuso and many of the other local mountains offer popular hiking destinations for both locals and tourists. A real challenge awaits the more adventurous who want to tackle the difficult, steep hills and valleys on a bike, either on and off the road.

From time to time, upon request, we are able to offer a class in tradional regional cooking to a group of curious guests.

But for those who just want to relax in the reinvigorating mountain climate, the community pool is within easy walking distance from the B&B. The pool also serves as the community center of Campora, hosting events and night-life attended by people from all the provincia of Parma, events such as the traditional, age-old “Festa del Marrone” (Chestnut Festival).

Life in Campora retains the perfect balance between peaceful, characteristic rural Italy and outdoor activity as an escape from the routine of modern city life.